A long long flight in an island far away

Per quelli che non comprenderanno l’inglese vi suggerisco do usare google translate.

I am writing from my tablet and it is quite difficult to write long sentences, so god bless suggestion tool. Let’s start.

The trip took the whole day of the 20th to arrive to Japan. We spend it running late to the exchange gate because of thick fog in Amsterdam (we barely saw landing). With us a young Japanese student from Kobe and her mother running across 25 minutes walking path + passport control. I regretted very deeply to be so fat. Anyway we make it on time, all flights were delayed, and after 2 movies and barely sleepless night on the plane (impossible to sleep on uncomfortable seats) we arrive in the morning of 21th at 09.00 (only that for us was 01.00 am in the morning of the day).

Thanks to adrenaline and excitement we rushed through the day until 16:00 Japan time (around 7-8 am Spanish time). We exchanged money, booked all the important trains tickets, got a portable WiFi that already saved our us multiple times on which direction we were going, and explored the area around Namba main train Station of Osaka (a really labyrinthic experience between metro, multilevel underground shopping mall, and rushing crowd), and got safely at our incredibly tiny Airbnb apartment in Kujo. Than we literally collapsed for 4 hours, because those backpacks don’t carry themselves.

We already had an initial taste of Japan when we woke up and we were fascinated by many little details. The incredible amount of places where to eat (highly specialised in a set kind of food), the clean streets regardless that it was impossible to find a single public trashing can (I think that people carry their trash with themselves), the cuteness of men, women and kids alike, and the busy stores of pachinko, gaming Taito buildings, small alley marketplaces with everything for the kitchen (fake plastic food, pottery, knives and swords), and even so impossible to find a place that sold an international electric adapter.

So we decided that the few hours at night needed to be spent in Dotonbori streets lights where we had one of the best tempura of my life (crab tempura!!! Gnammy!!!). The night was very cold while during the day was incredibly sunny. Even so we carried on and wondered about in those busy night streets with no direction or clear objective other than feel lost and be basked in nightlights.

And so we came back early at home to have proper rest (counting as well the usual misdirection that metro thrown at our senses). Shopping in a very late convenience store the small funny things that inspired us like the meat fried stick translated incorrectly by the special photo app in “taste as heaven”, and obviously some Asahi beer. We watch some weird Japanese TV, and than we passed out again, hoping to lose definetly the last remain of jetlag.


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