Alessio Carone

Alessio Carone holding a business card with moustache over his face

Alessio Carone is an Italian designer with 12 years of background mainly working in the web and smart phones industry, collaborating with large and small companies between Spain, England and Italy, combining creativity, passion and usability for the best experience for your communication online.

Conference Speaker, Photographer, Event Organiser, Improvising Actor and Globetrotter are more of his special qualities, leading a daily life beyond the boundaries of the common web designer stuck behind a computer.

He is currently living and working in sunny Barcelona, busy at the moment on personal artistic projects and always looking for new job opportunities, between the world of internet and bringing happiness to travelling communities.

Paying attention to the details it is his motto: “Small things are as important as the big ones to define the success of a communication. I’m fascinated by the incredible power of human imagination; the way we describe, perceive and express our thoughts and feelings while trying to interact with a fast-paced technology world that is silently changing the way we live.”

You can hire him for a range of different roles: as an Art Director for the web, as a Front End coder, as an Usability Expert, as a Graphic Designer, as a Photographer, as a Conference speaker, as a Team leader for your creative department, or to buy some of his paintings.

You can find Alessio participating at various web conferences around Europe (Ampersand, DconstructEntretipos, Kerning, New Adventure of Web design, Smashingmag, Webvision), or find on internet by following his Twitter at  , Flickr or Dribbble, or you can have look at his design Portfolio.

The quickest way to contact him is by writing an email at presenting yourself and describing what kind of service you might need.

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