Flying out to Dconstruct 2011 in Brighton

Dconstruct logoAfter a great event like Ampersandconf organised by Clearleft I have decided with no hesitation, to go to the next event that they were organising, Dconstruct to sharp my professional skills in a different way than just reading books and experimenting, by interacting with humans and not with computers.

I am flying from Barcelona, and this time I am not the only one to be there, but other friends of the Barcelona community are going (in reality, they are already there for the workshops: ).

What I love about it, is that I know more or less what to expect, and my enthusiasm it is not diminished but increased proportionally!!! The line up, it is great, I really want to meet Frank Chimero and Kelly Goto [My second book of web design, and one of the most useful]. And with my surprise being recently focused on Mobile Web, I discovered the really good slideshows of Bryan Rieger and he will be there giving a talk. Am I blessed from some mystical goddess of web design or is it just a dream? 😀

I am excited even because the people that are going over there to assist are small gems of people that are passionate about Web Design, and that dedicate all their days working hard to find good way to communicate. And I am so happy that a part from all these unknown people I alrady know some that came at Ampersandconf various months ago like and What I want more than this

I expect a great good time, being busy talking, exchanging business cards, and yes free beer! But I really do not care about it, because it will be the synergy of people that will be there that will make this event, worth it.

So I want to say thx to Clearleft for keeping the budget affortable, so people like me can come and have a day of learning, and exchanging. A day of growing in our indsutry (and in our souls).

Life is simple, strikes back.

Finally after many years, I decided to refresh my website, and give it a proper voice. Naturally the only things that I could choose were the best services availables on the web to make it happen: MediaTemple Hosting service, WordPress blogging capability, latest web standards in comunication and my personal imagination and vision on how the web should be used to talk.

The task at hand it is not a simple one, and I will break down in simple steps, to help me (and everyone else) in the future to follow the same approach in my everyday routine of web design.

  1. Get the most similar wordpress theme to my objective: Write HTML5 & Responsive Design (Twenty Eleven by WordPress), than strip the whole CSS, loading only the essential. Rewrite CSS and HTML on the style that I need to communicate. [10% done]
  2. Look at the content already available on the web that I am writing or considering relevant and connecting it to my communication platform (Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Google Reader). [75% done]
  3. Implement social sharing to improve visibility (Twitter, Google PlusOne and Facebook). [100% done]
  4. Implement Google Analytics and Sitemap Xml. [100% done]
  5. Create a Taxonomy hierarchy of Categories and Tags to help me to keep a proper organization of content, helping the users in finding what they need. [100% done]
  6. Write every single time that I want to communicate something across, about design and comunication a blog post and do not wait for it. [ongoing]
  7. Choose a proper selections of fonts for each article like if was a magazine. An example: Dustin Curtis, Jason Santa Maria, Trent Walton. [0% done]
  8. Design and Code my new website page. [10% done]
  9. Rewrite Curriculum Vitae in a more designer way. [0% done]
  10. Insert a redirect page from my old hosting to the new one. [0% done]

I’ll keep updated this post, to keep track of my progression, until I’ll reach 100% in everything.

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