James Victore at AIGA

Typography & Color don’t fucking matter.

Real human beings do not care about the space between the letter.

Fuck perfection. Perfection ruins things. Perfection stops you guys to start projects. Perfection stops you guys from finishing projects.

(Talking about a story on Hitchcock) How do you get such high performance of your actors? Hitchcock says: I remove the directorial process by Casting. – (Victor explaining the lesson that he learned) Oh, I get it! You ask the right person to do the job, and you let fucking do it.
James Victore

Note: This is a video shot by Hillman Curtis.
For who doesn’t know Hillman Curtis he was a big point of reference during the early time of Flash when it was big. It was one of my favourite flash designer, because he was able to get the right entertainment & communication that other flash designer weren’t able to comprehend.
AIGA: American Institute of Graphic Arts